10 common cleaning mistakes to avoid!

Cleaning isn’t most people’s idea of fun, but if you do it properly, it can speed up the process and make things that little bit easier. To help you improve your cleaning technique, we’ve rounded up 10 common cleaning mistakes you want to avoid at all costs!

1.     Dusting with a dry rag

Many people think dusting with a dry cloth or rag will prevent any polish or detergent residue on furniture. However, when you dust with a dry cloth, you’re just moving the dust and dirt around, which can even scratch the surface. The best way to pick up dust off a surface is to use a damp cloth, preferably a microfibre cloth as it can pick up all of the fine particles.

2.     Using too much water

Often when cleaning, people use too much water that can actually damage certain fabrics and wood, or even cause rust on particular metal components. Remember, less is more.

3.     Scrubbing stains

No matter what sort of stain it is, never start scrubbing as this can damage carpet fibres and fabrics. Instead, you should blot the spill until it’s dry and treat it with a stain remover that you have tested on the fabric in a hidden area.

4.     Spraying direct onto surfaces

When using any cleaning product, it’s best to spray it onto a cloth first before you wipe anything down. This will avoid a streaky finish and build-up of product on certain areas of the surface.

5.     Cleaning from the ground up

You should always clean your furniture and windows before you start sweeping, vacuuming or mopping your floors, otherwise you will end up having to re-clean the floors!

6.     Not cleaning the sink regularly

You might not think it since clean water is often running, but kitchen sinks can actually be one of the dirtiest parts of a kitchen. This is due to bacteria and germs that rapidly grow from food residues and clogged drains. Make sure to wipe your sink clean after every use and disinfect it weekly.

7.     Using the same cloth throughout your home

You should use multiple cloths throughout your home, otherwise you’re going to be spreading germs from one space to another. Best practice is to have different microfibre cloths for different areas, making sure to wash them after each use.


8.     Not cleaning your vacuum

Vacuum cleaners can only live up to their full potential if you keep them clean and empty them of a regular basis. If not, the suction won’t be as strong, and you may end up pushing dust and dirt around.

9.     Forgetting doorknobs and handles

Whatever you do, don’t forget to clean the most common touch points such as doorknobs and handles! Use a disinfectant wipe or spray with a microfibre cloth on a regular basis to keep the germs at bay.

10.  Not cleaning under the sofa cushions

Everyone likes to snack on the sofa, but that often means crumbs in crevices! Make sure to vacuum underneath sofa cushions and get into all of those nooks and crannies.

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