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With our team of experts we will leave your carpets looking as fresh and vibrant as when they were brand new! We will have your carpets clean before you know it, and your home will be all the better for it. Our prices are great too! We are the Cleanest carpet Cleaners, and you can count on us.

Carpet cleaning in London

Wine stains no more!

We are the Cleanest carpet Cleaners in London and surrounding areas.

Like most people, you probably have carpets in your home.  Carpeting makes it more comfortable to sit on the floor and cushions a fall.  In the winter your home feels warmer when carpeted.  In the UK it’s one of the more popular floor coverings.

However, it is imperative that carpets are properly cared for irrespective of the material they are made from.  They need to be vacuumed and spot cleaned regularly.

Why you need professional carpet cleaning in London


Anyone with respiratory problems will benefit enormously from a deep carpet clean.  Carpets are breeding grounds for bacteria and other allergens. Airborne dust particles from the carpet can worsen conditions in asthmatics and indeed cause allergies.

Young children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to contaminants in carpets and can lead to a variety of health problems.  Bacteria, dust mites and dirt will be removed with regular vacuuming but even the most powerful vacuum cleaner, won’t remove them all. Over time an accumulation of what is left behind can easily lead to health risks. Deep cleaning, professionally carried out, removes more dirt than you ever imagined existed in your carpets. The removal of bacteria reduces the risk of colds and creates a healthier environment for asthmatics and those with other respiratory or allergy related illnesses.

Enhanced appearance and feel

Accumulated dust and dirt causes carpet fibres to matt ageing the appearance of the floor covering. Carpets look discoloured, worn and flat irrespective of the quality of underlay. Professional carpet cleaning separates the fibres and breathes new life into it, restoring softness.

Increased airflow

The airflow in your home can be substantially impeded by dirty carpeting.  Dirt and dust collect in corners and along the walls of rooms.  If you have to open windows frequently because the room feels stuffy, your carpet could be the problem. Ordinary domestic vacuum cleaners can’t remove the debris as well as professional equipment can.  When your carpets have been expertly cleaned, you’ll notice and dramatic improvement in air quality and flow.

Why choose Cleanest Cleaners?

Our highly trained and experienced operatives come equipped with state of the art carpet cleaning technology.  They will test your carpet to ensure the correct cleaning fluids are used to match the fabric.

When you purchase carpeting for your home it is a significant investment.  Just like any other investment you should protect your floor covering.  Vacuuming should be part of your daily maintenance. However, professional carpet cleaning carried out regularly ensures a healthy, fresh and clean home environment.

Our prices are highly competitive and won’t break the bank!




Single bedroom

From £40

Double bedroom

From £60

Living / Dining / Lounge

From £35


From £15


From £10


From £2

Small rug

From £20

Medium rug

From £30

Large rug

From £40

*minimum charge of £70 applies.

*prices are subjected to availability.

*£20 surcharge will be added to the final quote if the postcode is within congestion zone where the cleaner’s vehicle is required to carry equipment.

*cleaning services in zone one are subjected to additional P & D charges where the cleaner’s vehicles is required to carry equipment and no car-park space or permit has been provided by the client.

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