Electrostatic Cleaning Service London

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Electrostatic disinfectant sanitising

At Cleanest Cleaners we are acutely aware of the difficulties faced by businesses of all types due to Covid-19.  For this reason we invested in the latest electrostatic disinfectant sanitising equipment on the market.

Our clients have found a remarkable increase in employees willing to return to the workplace after we have sanitised it using our technique.  Our pioneering sanitisation process kills all known germs and viruses dead.

As the lockdown eases people are being encouraged to shop, go to the gym, places of worship and return to work.  The difficulty is that they are frightened to leave their homes.  Parents are terrified of sending their kids back to school and teachers don’t want to go back to classrooms. When they are aware that they are entering a sterile environment much of the fear diminishes.

How it works

We spray all surfaces within shops, offices, schools, planes, cruise ships, hospitals, veterinary clinics, places of worship, theatres, cinemas and just about every other place that needs sanitising.  We are able to do this early in the morning before the establishment opens or late at night when it is closed.

The spray is not wiped off thereby reducing the cross contamination risk from wiping.  Electrostatic sanitising spray wraps all conductive surfaces.

Disinfecting the electrostatic way is also eco-friendly since far fewer chemicals are used in the process.

Sanitising your premises ensures that you are virus free.  It encourages people to visit and spend money with you.  After the lockdown so many businesses are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Using our electrostatic sanitising process will bring customers back to you.  Right now, with online shopping, anything that does this has to be worth the investment.

Why it makes sense

We are aware that money is short currently so our prices are kept as low as possible.  We want to help the country get back to work and start selling again. 

If you would like more information about our electrostatic disinfectant sanitising services please call us.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements and put forward solutions to any problems you may have.

Cleanest Cleaners offer a wide range of cleaning solutions that can be ordered separately or combined.  We are flexible, working 24/7 to create cleaner, healthier environments wherever we are employed.  Working in the capital and throughout Greater London we are available at short notice for deep cleaning and sanitisation tasks. Contact us today, to learn how we can help you.