End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

We know how stressful moving out can be. That is why, here at cleanest cleaners, we are dedicated to making sure ​that cleaning up afterwards is as quick and efficient as can be. Our team are dedicated to making sure that your abode is spotless, so that you can focus on the things that really matter when relocating. ​We offer competitive prices, and unmatched services, so you can be assured that the task is in safe hands.

Don’t worry, we’ve got this!

Why a deep clean is important at the end of your tenancy

When you leave your property there are unnecessary and simple things that can put a dent in the amount of deposit you get back. One of the main reasons landlords retain deposits from tenants is due the cleanliness (or lack of it) of the property when they complete the final inspection.  Recent information published by the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) shows that cleaning was the cause of 40 percent of disputes over deposits. This indicates that it really is in the best interests of the tenant to make sure the property is left in the same state it was received in. Cleanest Cleaners are able to offer you professional end of tenancy cleaning in London, at a very competitive price.  


Property Size


Studio Flat

From £120

One bedroom

From £150

2 Bedroom Flat/ 1 Bathroom

From £185

2 Bedroom Flat/ 2 Bathroom

From £205

3 Bedroom flat/ 1 Bathroom

From £230

3 Bedroom Flat/ 2 Bathroom

From £250

4 Bedroom Flat/ 2 Bathroom

From £295

4 Bedroom Flat/ 3 Bathroom

From £315

5 Bedroom Flat/ 2 Bathroom

From £360

5 Bedroom Flat/ 3 Bathroom

From £380

6 Bedroom Flat/ 3 Bathroom

From £425

6 Bedroom Flat/ 4 Bathroom

From £445

Get 50% off of carpet cleaning when added to any end of tenancy cleaning

*prices are subjected to availability.

*£30 extra charge for each floor 

*£20 extra charge for each additional bathroom

*additional cost applies if skip is required.

*£20 surcharge will be added to the final quote if the postcode is within congestion zone where a cleaner’s vehicle is required to carry equipment.

*cleaning services in zone one are subjected to additional P & D charges where the cleaner’s vehicles is required to carry equipment and no car-park space or permit has been provided by the client.

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Landlords will call in a professional cleaning company given the slightest excuse and deduct their costs from your deposit. They don’t need to shop around for prices – they aren’t paying for it you are! It could be as simple as a few crumbs left in a cupboard to dirty fingerprints on the walls, these all count against you when the final inventory check is done.

Let us worry about your end of tenancy cleaning in London

Having read the above you may not have appreciated all that is required for end of tenancy cleaning. Cleanest Cleaners will take care of all those mundane, nasty and frustrating jobs for you. We offer a professional, reliable and prompt service, at very competitive rates. Concentrate on making your new house a home and let us worry about cleaning your old one. 

We are flexible and will work around you, ensuring the deep clean is completed as close to your final inspection date as actively possible. And we’ll take photos of what we have done.

Call us today and take the first step to ensuring your full deposit is refunded and back in your bank account before you know it.

How a professional clean by Cleanest Cleaning can help your retain your deposit

As close to the date of the inventory check as possible we will make sure that the following cleaning has been done.


All of your windows on the inside will be pristine and streak free. This is a mundane and very hard job but a landlord won’t think twice about calling in the professionals to clean them.


When you have emptied your kitchen cupboards of food and crockery, we clean them inside and out.  If you have appliances that pull out, we wash the floors underneath them and make sure the appliances are clean. This includes the washing machine soap tray and the dishwasher filter.  We also thoroughly clean the fridge and freezer, ensure it is unplugged and the doors left open. Mould may form inside if the doors are closed.

Oven & Hob

Have you ever had to clean someone else’s oven? Most women will know and possibly a few men, this is one of the worst jobs in the world. It’s tough, takes time and is very unpleasant. This appliance needs to be sparkling and it will be after we have finished cleaning it.


We’ll scrub the bathroom to within an inch of its life.  This means furniture, mirrors, bath, sink and toilet. Then we’ll clean the bathroom tiles and floors, again one of the toughest jobs when cleaning a bathroom. Plug holes will be cleared and the limescale removed from the taps.

Curtains/ blinds

We will take the curtains down and wash them, or send them to the dry cleaners if necessary.  At the same time we’ll wipe down or dust the curtain rods. If you have blinds our expert cleaners will wash them or dust them down depending on the type of blinds.


With state of the art carpet cleaning equipment our professional deep cleaning will bring carpets and rugs up to make them look like new.


Your tenancy agreement will say you should leave the property in a good standard of decoration. This means we need to clean all scuffs and marks from the walls. If necessary you may need to repaint some walls if you have marks that won’t wash off easily. The last thing you want coming out of your deposit is the cost of a day’s labour from a decorator.

Garden and exterior

We won’t forget your garden. If you have a shed make sure it’s clutter free and we will clean and tidy it. We will sweep up any leaves and even weed the flowerbeds if you need us to. If something is broken you need to fix it!

Letting agents and Landlords

Cleanest Cleaners offer a comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning in London service on a one off or contractual basis.  Please contact us to find out what we can do for you.