Oven and BBQ Cleaning in London

Don’t worry, we get it. Cleaning the oven and BBQ is hard, like, really hard. And who wants to spend their time doing that anyway? Well, we do. For one small price, we will service your oven and BBQ, removing all grime, dust, coal, and scale from the internals. ​This way you can cook without hassle, in a fresh, shiny oven, or impress your friends with your BBQ skills.

How often should you clean your oven?

The Department of Health and Social Care recommends that your oven and stove top are cleaned once a month. Did you know that cleaning the oven or stove is the most hated job in Britain? Research carried out by Braun CareStyle ironing systems revealed 30% of householders confirmed the dreaded oven clean is the worst household cleaning job of all time. There are so many different products out there, all claiming to be the best to make this horrendous task more bearable, but which one do you choose? All these products don’t have one vital ingredient and that’s ‘elbow grease’. The task of cleaning your oven is messy, time consuming and boring so why not let Cleanest Cleaners do the job for you.

Oven Cleaning Service in Greater London

It’s a difficult job and we’re here to do it for you! We use top of the range products which will leave your oven clean, sparkling and looking like new. We take care of the aftermath mess that inevitably ensues after this task – the burnt on food and the mounds of grease. Our trained team knows the best products to use for any oven to get the optimum results. Our very competitive prices mean that you could book a one off clean or an ongoing contract with us. This allows you the time to enjoy cooking creative recipes without the worry of cleaning the oven afterwards.

BBQ Cleaning Service in London

As soon as the sun comes out the British love a good BBQ. It’s a great excuse to get your family and friends round and have a catch up over the week’s events. How many times have you retrieved your much loved BBQ from the shed and found it needs a good clean before you can even contemplate cooking on it? BBQ’s turn into parties and most people will leave the cleaning until the next day. When a BBQ cools down it becomes very difficult to clean. Cleanest Cleaners offer you a very reasonable price for taking this chore off your hands. We will use the latest products and will have your BBQ sparkling in no time. Give us a call today and get your BBQ ready for those summer parties.


Oven & BBQ type


Single oven, including two racks

From £50

Double oven, including three racks

From £60

AVG Oven

From £70

BBQ Small

From £50


From £65


From £10

*prices are subjected to availability

*£20 surcharge will be added to the final quote if the postcode is within congestion zone where the cleaner’s vehicle is required to carry equipment

*cleaning services in zone one are subjected to additional P & D charges where the cleaner’s vehicles is required to carry equipment and no car-park space or permit has been provided by the client

Our professional team of cleaners work in both domestic and industrial environments, equipped with the highest quality products for the task.  So whether it is an annual one off deep clean or a regular maintenance contract, we are here to help.

Get a no obligation quote for our BBB or oven cleaning service in London and Greater London today.  You know it makes sense.