The importance of a clean and tidy workplace

A clean workplace is essential for not only the health and safety of your staff and customers, but also productivity levels, mental health and your overall company culture. We all know how easy it is for your desk to become cluttered and the office kitchen to start looking grubby, but if you invest in cleaning and organisation, you’ll most certainly see the benefits.

Benefits of keeping your workplace clean and tidy

 1.     Productivity

A clean workspace and environment will leave employees feeling more comfortable and help to drive motivation. This will in-turn boost staff morale and encourage optimum productivity, allowing businesses to thrive and grow. As the saying goes, tidy desk, tidy mind!

2.     Employees’ health

If your workplace isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, the chances are germs are lingering on surfaces, meaning they can easily spread around the office. This invisible mess will likely have an impact on the rate of employee absence and sickness.

A 2019 study from household appliance e-tailer, said a large majority of British workers suggest a lack of general cleanliness in their work environment affected their health.

This is why it’s crucial to invest in regular cleaning and maintenance.

3.     Employee happiness

A well-kept work environment can influence an employee’s decision to continue working for you and also create a positive attitude towards their profession. Whether it’s a dirty kitchen or bathroom, cluttered office or poorly organised environment, workplace dissatisfaction can lead to work-related stress and a lack of engagement.

4.     Improved efficiency

When your workplace is clean and tidy, it’s so much easier to keep things organised and ensure your offices is running smoothly. If everything has a place, services and processes can run more efficiently.

5.     Make a good impression

The appearance of your premises plays a huge part when determining first impressions. You don’t want clients or customers to walk out the door because you’ve failed to upkeep your workplace. By keeping your space clean and tidy, you convey the message that you’re professional and serious about what you do.

Keeping your workplace clean

The best way to ensure your workplace is consistently clean, and to reap the benefits we discussed above, is to invest in a professional cleaning service. This will ensure your workplace is always fit for purpose, whilst keeping employees and customers comfortable and happy in the process.

Here at Cleanest Cleaners, we offer professional commercial cleaning services for a range of work environments. To discuss the cleaning services you require in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!