Upholstery Cleaning Service in London

With our highly skilled team, cleaning upholstery has never been easier. We will remove stains and freshen up any upholstery you need us to. Our team is efficient and makes the entire process simple, all for a very competitive price.

Cleaning your Upholstery

Few people realise that a deep clean of anything that is upholstered will prolong the life of the furnishings.  Our upholstery cleaning London technicians will expertly transform your lounge suite or dining chairs, giving them a fresh and new look.

Stained and dusty furnishings not only look bad but don’t make for a healthy environment. Deep upholstery cleaning and sanitation revitalises sofas and any other upholstered items you may have. You’ll be amazed by the vibrancy of colour when all stains, dirt and dust have been removed.

Why use Cleanest Cleaners?

We are experts in upholstery cleaning and we’ll assist you in:

Feeling proud of your clean, healthy home

Saving money by prolonging the life of your furniture

Maintaining a healthier environment for anyone in your home or facility

Our upholstery cleaning London technicians are highly trained in the restoration of fabrics through stain removal and cleansing.  We are not fazed by unusual fabrics such as wool, off white or white, velvet, leather or cotton fabrics.  Our specialist cleaning techniques can combat these forms of upholstery where conventional methods fail.

How we do it

We clean your furnishing with the least disruption to your life as possible.  Your couch can be dry within 4 to 6 hours depending on the method we use. Using neutral p/h rinsing and pre-spray specialist products the moisture required to achieve miraculous results is minimal.

Using natural products the use of harsh chemicals is not necessary to achieve optimum solutions.

Traditional steam cleaning uses excessive water and therefore involves an extended drying time. Not only that, the high pressure necessary in steam cleaning pushes dirt into the fabric and upholstery. This creates an ideal breeding environment for bacteria and mould. We prefer a more modern approach to upholstery cleaning using low moisture methods.

After cleaning, your furnishings will not only look clean and sparkling but they will be clean enhancing the healthy environment in your home.

How you save money with our upholstery cleaning London service

When you compare the price of purchasing new furnishings to having them deep cleansed, there is no competition.  It is infinitely cheaper to engage professional cleaners to restore your furniture.

Check out the pricing table below:


Sofa Type



From £20

2 Seated Sofa

From £35

3 Seated Sofa

From £45

Corner Sofa

From £60

Dining Chair

From £9

*minimum charge of £70 applies.

​*prices are subjected to availability.

*£20 surcharge will be added to the final quote if the postcode is within congestion zone where the cleaner’s vehicle is required to carry equipment.

*cleaning services in zone one are subjected to additional P & D charges where the cleaner’s vehicles is required to carry equipment and no car-park space or permit has been provided by the client.

Booking our upholstery cleaning service

You can book an appointment by calling our customer service team 24/7.  Please enquire about special offers and discounts for bulk upholstery cleaning projects.

If you prefer you can complete our web form, giving us the details of your requirements and we will come back to you with a quotation.  If necessary, we will arrange a free inspection especially for larger projects.
Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.